Our Intention

Many studies show that girls experience their lowest self-confidence with the onset of puberty and menstruation. Teaching girls Menstrual Health Management can help them to see their periods as a step toward adulthood and maturity instead of something they should be ashamed of and hide. It is our goal to educate girls about their reproductive system and to provide them with sustainable reusable menstrual pads.

It is our intention to bring awareness to the issues of period poverty and the ways shame and bias prevent women from receiving proper and timely healthcare.

     We think we can achieve this by providing Goddess Boxes free of charge to low income women and girls emphasizing these beliefs:

               1. Not every woman menstruates

               2. There is no shame in menstruation 

               3. There is no shame in their body

               4. They have the right to healthcare 

We have already funded Goddess Boxes for the 10,000 girls and the women who take care of them in round one.

It is our goal to reach 100,000 this year. 

Additional funds earned through creator’s fees on the secondary market will be used to fund women’s health services and education at the adult level through grants to women’s clinics.