What's a Goddess Box?

The Goddess Box contains reusable menstrual pads and empowering education materials

**The box is sturdy and sleek with a magnetic hinged lid and is suitable for being used as a pencil case or place for special keepsakes.

**5 regular and 3 overnight (8 total) reusable menstrual pads

     – an outer layer of polyurethane laminated fabric featuring the NotSoQuiet NFT artwork to prevent leaks

     – 2 inner layers of cotton microfiber for absorbency

     – a top layer of charcoal bamboo for absorbency and odor reduction

**Goddess Handbook

     – the handbook is a letter to girls to help them to understand the changes in their bodies and to remind them there is no shame in these changes

     – when the book is flipped over and read back through, it is information for more mature women about how their bodies may change after childbirth and as they age with warning signs to discuss with a doctor and tips to advocate for themselves



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