Our Team

Rachel Silvestri is a freelance writer and editor from rural Cheshire, England. She has lived in Dubai, the Maldives and all over China including her current home of Xi’an. Her favourite subjects are Swiss watches, travel and hospitality, jewellery, fashion, design, food and polo. But she’s been known to try her hand at almost anything and she’s passionate about advocating for women’s rights.

Her favourite interviewees have included Richard Branson, John Cleese, Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren and Jamie Oliver. Her ambition is to interview Alice Cooper, although it’s possible she’d faint before managing to open her notebook.

Rachel has written for magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Rake, Stylist, Revolution, Emirates Woman, Elite Traveler and many more.

In her spare time she works as a singer and spends her holidays between family in the UK and Argentina.

Elga Ismaili is a 21 year old Albanian woman who is a 3rd year Architecture student and has been working as a freelance artist since she was 15 years old. 

She began with painting on canvas (oil paint) and sketches, but for the last two years, she has been working exclusively in digital media doing portraits, landscapes, etc. 

Now, she only works in oil and colored pencils for her close family and friends.

Ken is a long-time supporter of the empowerment of women and an OG crypto enthusiast. He has volunteered 100s of hours in support of events organized by the Women of Wisdom Foundation and other events focused on the empowerment of women. He has also worked professionally on blockchain projects for over 7 years in the capacities of engineer, CTO, and CEO. 

His projects include being an early developer and the CTO at a hardware wallet company, various NFT projects, CEO of a company developing tools for digital inheritance, and has worked on a variety of defi and management tools for blockchain assets. 

He is a huge fan of WNBA basketball and you will find him at most Seattle Storm home games.

Amy is a passionate educator and advocator for human rights.

Since she began collecting NFT’s, she has sought a way of using the space to bring awareness to issues of social justice and to use WEB3 to connect people and build communities of the future.

The women who inspire her most are the musicians: Ani diFranco, Lizzo, and Amanda Palmer for the way they are able use their art to express the ideas our souls didn’t understand before.