Road Map

On June 18, the anniversary of Sally Ride
becoming the first American female in space and first LGBTQ astronaut, we are releasing mint passes for $25.
The mint pass holder will be on the whitelist for the sale 14-15 July,
the anniversary of 16 women from the National Women’s Party being arrested while picketing the White House demanding universal women’s suffrage.
During the whitelist sale, holders can burn their mint pass token for a $25 discount
at either the Patron level $38 or Benefactor level $53.
Remaining NFT's will be released to the public on July 19-20,
the anniversary of The Seneca Falls Convention.
Reveal is July 24 on International Self-Care Day.
After August 1,
unclaimed mint passes can be used as store credit.
Because this project’s mission is important to us, we chose to fully fund the first phase to deliver supplies and educational materials to the first 5000 girls and the 5000 women who take care of them before minting. 

Phase one – May 2022

Order custom material with NotSoQuiet artwork

Deliver Specifications to the supplier, approve samples, place first order

Develop educational materials

Complete collection and release sneakpeeks of artwork

Phase 2 – June 2022

Release mint passes – June 18

Accept nominations additional for schools, clinics and organizations who could benefit from having Goddess Boxes delivered free of charge

Place additional orders with the factory to cover donations to newly nominated organizations based on projected mint

Phase 3 – July 2022 and beyond

Whitelist mint – July 14-15

Public Sale – July 19-20

Reveal mints and launch cycle-syncing capabilities on site for NFT holder – July 24

Release educational materials

Deliver the first wave of Goddess Boxes organized with Q&A’s by qualified medical professionals

Open our health and wellness space to our NFT holders

Release the first donations to women’s clinics to fund women’s healthcare

Future plans based on feedback and demand:

Offer products directly on site on a buy 1, give 1 basis

Assist women in the UK, Australia, Albania, and South Africa with similar initiatives

Host a virtual women’s health forum