MyCup Menstrual Cup and Sterilizer Cup Set

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MyCup is a reusable soft cup made from 100% medical-grade silicone and BPA-free. This kit comes with a collapsible sterilizing cup to provide the perfect solution for storing and sanitizing your menstrual cup. It can be worn all day (up to 12 hours) without causing dryness or irritation. Because it seals out air, it prevents bacteria growth that causes odor.

Choose from 2 sizes
- 30+ for women over 30 or who have given birth
- 30- for women under 30 who have never given birth

    Instructions for Use

Wash your hands thoroughly. Then fold the cup opening into the shape of a C or a hotdog bun. Gently press the folded cup into your vaginal opening just as you would a tampon. The direction should be toward your tailbone, not straight up. Release the fold and let the cup move into place. Grab the base of the cup by the sides (not the stem) and turn it at least 1 full rotation until it feels fully open and snug. If it doesn't feel right, try inserting it again until it feels more comfortable.

When your cycle ends and before it begins, place your menstrual cup in your cup sterilizer and add water until your cup is covered. Place the lid on top leaving a gap for steam to escape and place it in the microwave for 4 minutes. Let it cool before removing it from the microwave and empty the water. When it is dry, you can store it in the sterilizer sealed until you need it again.

Material: 100% medical-grade silicon
Color: blue

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